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Being honed in on flaws can also make it difficult for you to enjoy yourself, and you may need the help of your lovers and partners to get out of your head and stop over-analyzing! Remember: Virgo is the sign of flawlessness, and the truth is that who you are is already perfect.

You often do small things that can go unnoticed, and might have trouble receiving favors or gifts since you might feel guilty and obligated to reciprocate right away.

People with Venus in Libra are charming, charismatic, and usually quite popular because they know how to appeal to anyone. Venus in Libra is also very concerned with fairness, so you prefer to spend time with people who treat others with kindness and abide by the golden rule. People with Venus in Scorpio are concerned with the intensity, passion, honesty, and intimacy of a relationship. You exude a hypnotic and charismatic quality but can sometimes be unsure of yourself, which you hide with an austere or guarded way of dealing with people you have feelings for.

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When you are into someone, you dig deep to find out everything you can about a lover, and flirt really well without others noticing, like dropping a joke under your breath or sneaking in a grazing touch. Your love has a deep, penetrating, and gutsy quality to it that could make more prudish folks turn bashful or shy.

What Your Astrology Chart Can Tell You

You pursue love without reservation and may have unconventional love interests. In fact, you have no reservations about letting go and believe that love should be lighthearted and carefree, with partners free to grow into the best version of themselves. You show your love by making your partner laugh and demonstrating how open-minded you are. You fear stagnation and the feeling of being tied down by relationships, and are more likely to be interested in non-traditional approaches to partnership.

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  • People with Venus in Capricorn take love seriously! You love a partner who seems stable and reliable, but you may also be attracted to someone who seems walled off or unapproachable. Sensuality and touch are also very important to you. Similarly, you flirt by showing how responsible you are, or by talking about your successes at work.


    How To Make Sense Of Your Birth Chart

    You flourish with a partner who shows loyalty, commitment, and sustainability, and is clear about their boundaries and intentions. You believe in being responsible with the way you love, and treat relationships like investments. People with Venus in Aquarius believe that being in love means being best friends. You take a humanitarian approach to relationships and believe in decency above all else, to the occasional point of being detached.

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    You flirt by drawing attention to how different or open-minded you are, and you love and accept unconventional people as they are. Open-minded partners and relationships are an absolute necessity for you! People with Venus in Pisces can bring the shallow beauty of Venus to a deeper, more transcendental state. You have a sentimental and romantic quality about you, and see past appearances and status when it comes to romance. You are adept at subtlety and nuance and know how to weave together a magical moment. You love to get lost in the idea of romance and may often find yourself heavily infatuated with artists.

    Vulnerability and sacrifice are your biggest turn-on, and you believe sex should be transcendent and without boundaries. What's in the stars for you in October? Read your monthly horoscope here. Want these horoscopes sent straight to your inbox?

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    A birth chart gives a detailed analysis of your temperament and character, based on the exact positions of the planets and other important astrological signifiers, including the Ascendant or rising sign AC , Midheaven MC , Moon's nodes, and Part of Fortune. Psychic Science. Astrology About Astrology.